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Signage & Bollard
Concrete Signage & Bollard Installation | Auburn, AL - 01blank

Protect and Direct with Concrete Signage & Bollards in Auburn, AL

Create order and safety protocols with Cardinal Concrete’s signage and bollard installation services. Sign and bollard installation allows you to direct the flow of traffic and warn oncoming traffic of delays, all while protecting vehicles, workers, pedestrians, and buildings from potential harm.

Concrete Signage & Bollard Installation | Auburn, AL - 01blank

Signage & Bollards

Using short posts to create a protective or architectural perimeter, signs and bollards create organization and order for your business—guiding traffic and marking boundaries. With signage from Cardinal Concrete, you can designate areas such as loading and unloading zones, carpool lanes, energy-efficient vehicle parking, and so much more.

Our signs can be used in a multitude of spaces, including:

  • Parking lots
  • Roads
  • DOT projects
  • Residential development

Photo of Safety Bollards

Types of Safety Bollards

Whether you’re looking to alert drivers of lane closures or require parking space identification for expecting mothers, safety bollards can be used for a variety of reasons. The three types of safety bollards Cardinal Concrete offers include:


These bollard sign systems are only temporary and can be easily set-up and taken down. Removable bollard signs can be expected when letting drivers know about lane closures, roadwork, heavy traffic, and more.


Collapsible bollards can be found in parks, areas involving a drawbridge, or places that host public service equipment. Built into the ground, collapsible bollards raise and lower as needed.


Fixed bollard signs are permanently installed and not easily removed. You can find these in shopping plazas to identify handicapped parking or in front of government buildings.


Safety Bollards Photo

Benefits of Safety Bollards

There are many advantages to having bollards installed on your property. Among these are :

  • Protect storefronts
  • Protect pedestrians
  • Protect drivers
  • Light up dark areas
  • Prevent access
  • Offer temporary traffic control
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