Concrete Resurfacing Contractor in Auburn, AL

An easy and affordable way to restore the beauty and increase the durability of your concrete is to resurface it. Cardinal Concrete uses a specialty resurfacing material engineered by Elite Crete Systems, which, once fully hardened, will strengthen to 4,800 PSI (almost 60% than standard concrete). This allows you to take an existing concrete area and make it like new, without having to completely replace the concrete altogether.

How It Works

Concrete Resurfacing works by spreading a thin layer of surfacing material, typically made up of specially engineered cement, over the top of existing concrete. This new surface layer will bond with the existing concrete, giving it a new and equally-strong protective layer on top. 

The key with resurfacing is that the existing concrete must be relatively level. If your concrete has significant cracking or splitting (where one section of the concrete is more than a quarter-inch higher than an adjacent section), resurfacing may not be a viable option.

Why Resurface Concrete?

Concrete is the most durable surface material in common use, and will typically last several decades after being installed. However, if not properly maintained with routine sealing and washing, the surface of the concrete can be damaged by the harsh effects of weather, oil spills and vehicle traffic. These effects can lead to the concrete surface becoming cracked, stained and worn.

Oftentimes the easiest and most affordable way to fix this problem doesn’t have to involve replacing the concrete altogether. It is frequently the case that the body of the concrete is still strong even though the surface is worn and ugly.

In scenarios like this, the concrete can easily be fixed by a simple resurfacing. This allows you to save money while making your concrete stronger and returning it to it’s former beauty.

Have Questions About Concrete Resurfacing?

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