Concrete Texturing in Auburn, AL

A middle-ground between regular and

stamped concrete.

If you like the look and feel of stamped concrete, but are interested in finding a more affordable option, look no further than Textured Concrete.

Concrete Texturing is in the same category as Concrete Stamping, but is less work-intensive. As a result, homeowners can still get the great advantages of beautiful concrete for a fraction of the price. In many ways, it is the best of both worlds.

Texture Skin - Caesar Stone - Matcrete
A Caesar Stone Texture. Image and Texture Skin Provided by Matcrete, Inc. 

How Concrete Texturing Works:

While Stamped Concrete involves using heavy and highly-detailed stamps to impress intricate patterns into the concrete, Concrete Texturing relies on simple “texture skins” to do the job. Texture skins are much less work to deal with, making the project require less time and manpower, which results in less overall cost.

And while texture skins are less detailed than regular concrete stamps, they still add profound character to the concrete surface, making it both unique and beautiful.

Texture Skin - Bluestone
Bluestone Texture Pattern

This way, you can add beauty and detail to your concrete, all while saving money in the process.

Interested in finding out if Textured Concrete is right for your project? Contact Us and we’ll be glad to speak with further. As always, all quotes are free!

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